Volunteer Opportunities
If you would like to volunteer at MAYC, please contact us!

Possible volunteer activities include:

1. Activity Specialist
– Assist members with program acitivities
– Creates programs or activities for members
– Assists staff with ensuring safety of members
– Certified Life Guard
– Sport Coaches (running, intramural basketball, etc.)
– Summer Reading Program Advisor
– Cooking Lessons

Do you have a specific talent that you’d like to share with members? Do you want to run a community service, or one-time project with our members? Let us know!

2. Janitorial/Maintenance Work
– Do you have a special skill that would be helpful to MAYC? Let us know!

Volunteer Expectations
What we expect from volunteers:
-To become familiar with the mission of MAYC and the goals of the program, as well as members and staff
-To be a good representation of MAYC while volunteering
-To adhere to rules similar to those found in a workplace
-To maintain a reliable schedule
-Work with MAYC staff to find opportunities that match your skills and interests
-To take initiative and be a positive role-model to members
-Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

What you can expect from MAYC:
-Respect and consideration for you as a valuable member of MAYC
-Help in becoming familiar with policies, rules, staff, and youth
-To help you find tasks that closely match your skills and interests
-To provide feedback, opportunities, enouragement, and recommendations to make this experience as positive as possible
-To be flexible with your schedule